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In the year of 1993, Kurt Cobain and his band, Nirvana, became friends with a drag queen who was already launching her career in the evenings of New York, in United States: RuPaul. A very famous record of this friendship was taken during the MTV Awards‘ celebration.

RuPaul and Nirvana: meet the story behind the picture at the MTV Awards
Dave Grohl, RuPaul, Cobain, Courtney Love and Krist Novoselic – Reproduction

Another things that draws some attention are the heights of the people in the picture. Dave Grohl is 6’0”, RuPaul is 6′4″ (without heels), Kurt was 5’9” and Krist Novoselic is 6’7”.

In an interview with AV Club, RuPaul explains how everything happened: “I literally met [os membros do Nirvana] on MTV Awards’ red carpet and Kurt Cobain told me: “You know, we went to see you perform in Seattle, but you had already performed and left by the time we got there”. Because it was one of those gigs where I think I may have gone on at like 10 or something like that”.

At the time, the prejudice against the drag culture was bigger than today, and according to Far Out Magazine, some people used to “choose” not to appreciate RuPaul‘s art. However, the Nirvana members didn’t think that way.

“These kids [do Nirvana] come from the same irreverent, hippie and bohemian mentality that I came from. So of course they’re going to gravitate toward what I’m doing. And a lot of people don’t get that. A lot of people don’t have that computer program to understand what that is, that irreverence, that wink that drag [ser]. A lot of people are offended by it. So Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love and the other kids in that band loved it, and you could see it in their faces when they’re taking the pictures. They’re not going boo, or it’s not like a joke”.

Dave Grohl, RuPaul holding Kurt's daughter (Frances) and Cobain Reproduction
Dave Grohl, RuPaul holding Kurt’s daughter (Frances) and Cobain Reproduction

The friendship between RuPaul and Cobain was intense, no matter how brief. The rock band members showed up as guests on Rupaul’s talk show, on VH1, to sing the Christmas song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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