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According to Buzz Osborne, leader of the Melving, Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, was imprisoned for one day. Both were close friends and the story goes back to their teenage years, and as is well known, Cobain used to spray paint the walls of his hometown, Aberdeen. Cobain loved to write “God is gay” on the wall, a phrase that ended up in the song “Stay Away”.

“We turn a corner next to a bank and, suddenly, there are police everywhere. We ran in different directions, but they caught Cobain. He tried to hide, but ended up in jail ” – he said.

Cobain spent one day in prison. When Cobain died, a journalist called Buzz Osborne, questioning what he thought about putting a memorial to Cobain in Aberdeen.

“I said they should put it in the cell where they left him” – he said.

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When younger, Kurt Cobain was arrested for spraying

Kurt Cobain went so far as to declare himself gay just to irritate the macho macho rock and roll wing

Kurt Cobain was an avid militant against homophobia and in favor of human rights. Cobain not only said “God is gay”, even declaring himself gay just to irritate homophobics and the macho wing of rock and roll – and even his mother.

“I am disgusted by my apathy and that of my generation, which allows it to continue and does not face racism, sexism and homophobia”, he declared.

Kurt Cobain went so far as to declare himself gay just to irritate the macho macho rock and roll wing

Kurt Cobain
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A Reverb article points out that Kurt Cobain also fought against sexism, racism and machismo. In the collection “Incesticide”, Nirvana put the following words in the libretto of the disc:

“If any of you in any sense hates homosexuals, people of other colors or women, do us a favor: leave us alone! Don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records ”. The overwhelming statement illuminated a deep sense behind Nirvana that sometimes ends up eclipsed precisely by the immense success that the band achieved: almost 30 years ago, lonely in a musical scene dominated by men, by machismo, sexism and the commercial race, Nirvana was not only a band that underlined the importance of feminism, but denounced toxic masculinity, gender inequality, homophobia and male violence – even above its own success ”.

The band’s last unreleased album, “In Utero”, also contained in the libretto very radical sayings against any type of discrimination:

“If you are a sexist, racist, homophobic or basically an idiot, do not buy this CD. I don’t care if you like me, I hate you. ”

In several interviews, Cobain was in favor of LGBTQ + rights and was very firm and incisive in his positioning. The same was true for other segments, such as women and blacks.

In addition, several of the band’s songs also had a social message. “Rape Me” is an anti-rape manifesto; “Very Ape” and “Floyd The Barber” attack machismo, just to name a few examples. It is worth saying that he was also a great friend of RuPaul.

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