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92% of Brazilians living with HIV are undetectable

The survey was released by the Ministry of Health. Anyone who is undetectable does not transmit HIV.
SCRUFF se une a parceiros para desmistificação, prevenção, testagem e esclarecimento sobre HIV

SCRUFF joins partners to demystify, test and clarify HIV

For "Red December", the SCRUFF app connects to the Barong Cultural Institute, AIDS Health Foundatin, UNAIDS and the LGBTI+ Public Policy Coordination of the city of São Paulo

Bill wants priority for people living with HIV in vaccination against Covid-19

"We cannot leave chronic patients under 60 years old forgotten in the later stages of vaccination", says the deputy author of the proposal
Tratamento de HIV e remédios antirretrovirais para estrangeiros no Brasil

HIV treatment and antiretroviral medicines for foreigners in Brazil

Today we are launching a column called "SCRUFF Answers", in which we will look for specialists to clarify doubts from readers. To send a question, write to
Documentário sobre HIV "Carta para Além dos Muros" é disponibilizado para escolas

HIV documentary “Carta Para Além dos Muros” is made available to schools

The documentary will be available on the streaming platform VideoCamp from February 25th
Pastor bolsonarista jura por Deus que vacina contra coronavírus tem HIV

Bolsonaro’s fan, pastor swears to God that coronavirus vaccine has HIV

"You will not feel anything, but after a while, illnesses will appear" - says the Bolsonarist pastor
São Paulo já tem mais de 10 mil pessoas cadastradas para o PrEP

São Paulo already has more than 10,000 people registered for PrEP

The addresses for PrEP services can be found on the official website of the city of São Paulo
Projeto de vacina contra o HIV está convocando homens gays ou bi para testes

HIV vaccine project is calling gay or bi men for testing

Mosaico, aims to recruit 3,800 gay or bi men, and trans people in the Americas and Europe
Primeiro homem curado do HIV morre nos EUA de câncer

First person to be cured of HIV died of cancer in the United States

The Berlin patient battled leukemia
95% das pessoas vivendo com HIV em São Paulo têm carga viral indetectável

95% of people living with HIV in São Paulo have an undetectable viral load

The numbers exceed the expectations stipulated by the document "Declaration of Paris" in December 2014 by the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS)
Medicamento para crianças que vivem com HIV está em falta; repasse é feito pelo Ministério da Saúde

Medication for children that live with HIV is lacking; the transfer is made by...

There is still not a prediction for Kaletra's reposition, said the Health Secretary of Ceará (SESA)

80% of people with HIV in SP suffer prejudice when talking about diagnosis

Also high is the percentage living with HIV who confirmed having received a diagnosis of mental health problems (58.4%), says research
Governo suspende exames de HIV, AIDS e hepatites virais pelo SUS

Brazilian Government suspends tests for HIV, AIDS and viral hepatitis by Unified Health System...

This happened because the contract with the company he carried out expired in November 2019

“People have been killing me since the 80s because I embraced the HIV cause”,...

Lorna Washington, veteran cross-dresser icon of the gay night in Rio, talks about activism, gay night, the peak of HIV in Brazil and the politically correct
Pastor  bolsonarista é intimado por dizer que Coronavac tem HIV dentro

Bolsonarist pastor is summoned for saying that Coronavac has HIV inside

Prosecutor Ricardo Sant´Anna demands that the pastor present in 15 days "his technical, scientific, sanitary or medical skills" that can "accredit him as a qualified specialist to issue an analysis on the topic he addresses".
Samuel Decker: “eu não quero desistir antes do milagre”

Samuel Decker: “I don’t want to give up before the miracle”

23-year-old porn actor talked to the Inside Porn column and revealed that he almost lost his fight to depression

11 years ago, Octavia St. Laurent, the star of “Paris is Burning”, left us

A central figure in the award-winning documentary, the trans activist lived with HIV and served as an educator for issues surrounding the epidemic
Padre que usava o dízimo para bancar orgias e drogas é condenado a 3 anos de prisão

Priest who used the tithe to fund orgies and drugs is sentenced to 3...

Francesco Spagnesi would have spent the equivalent of R$1 million and 200,000 on surubas, cocaine and GHB, known as the "rape drug"
Casos de IST pararam de aumentar entre usuários de PrEP, segundo estudo

Gonorrhea and chlamydia cases stopped growing with PrEP use, says study

Before the study, the percentage of participants with positive results for syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia was 50% and had been growing about 8% each quarter
James Bond

Antony Hamilton, the actor who wasn’t cast to play James Bond for being gay

The actor, who was a dancer, model and actor on United States during his life, never hid his sexual orientation and was an AIDS victim in the 90s

Of the dating apps for gays, SCRUFF is the only one that continues to...

Founded in 2010 by Johnny Skandros and Eric Silverberg, now its CEO, SCRUFF is the only app of all apps in this segment that was founded and continues to be managed by LGBTQ people

SCRUFF creates profile verification and enables free video calling function

The new SCRUFF function guarantees the application's users that the person with whom the message is actually exchanged is the one who appears on the profile
5 países amigáveis à causa LGBTQIA+ para fazer intercâmbio

5 LGBTQIA+ friendly countries to exchange

Association of Brazilian Exchange Agencies says that it is common for LGBT students to look for more "friendly" places that already have policies to combat prejudice
Bolsonaro diz acreditar que vacina contra covid causa AIDS

Bolsonaro says he believes in fake news that vaccinated people developed AIDS

Previously, Bolsonaro had said that Pfizer's vaccine could "turn you a alligator", "grow a beard in a woman" or "make men speak thin"
Personalidades e ativistas LGBTQIA+ de Curaçao

LGBTQIA+ personalities and activists from Curaçao

Find out which personalities, influencers and activists make Curaçao the most LGBT+ friendly Caribbean destination: "Bon biní na Kòrsou!"
Primeira trans advogada do Brasil é homenageada pelo Google

Janaína Dutra, the first trans lawyer in Brazil, is honored by Google

The lawyer became nationally known for her activism and for winning the portfolio of the Brazilian Bar Association

YouTube suspends account of pastor who advocated “gay cure”

Joshua is one of Africa's most influential evangelists
Gays no SCRUFF tendem a ser mais gentis e julgam menos, segundo Men's Health

Gays on SCRUFF tend to be kinder and less judgmental, according to Men’s Health

For Men's Health editors, SCRUFF app gays and bisexuals tend to be kinder and less judgmental people when compared to users of other apps
Líder religioso diz que vacina tornará as pessoas gays

Religious leader says vaccine will make people gay

Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Asor says the vaccine is part of a Bill Gates plan with Iluminates to turn all people into gays
Ministro da Educação e Roberto Jefferson são processados por homofobia pela Justiça de SP

Minister of Education and Roberto Jefferson are sued for homophobia by the SP Justice...

The punitive administrative processes were published in the Official Gazette this Thursday, 04