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Praia do hotel Hilton, em Tel Aviv - Foto: Vinícius Yamada

Tel Aviv Pride 2023 kick off with the biggest weekend ever

The biggest Pride Parade in the Middle East will return to its iconic Tel Aviv coastline, on Thursday, June 8th
Gays no SCRUFF tendem a ser mais gentis e julgam menos, segundo Men's Health

Gays on SCRUFF tend to be kinder and less judgmental, according to Men’s Health

For Men's Health editors, SCRUFF app gays and bisexuals tend to be kinder and less judgmental people when compared to users of other apps
Líder religioso diz que vacina tornará as pessoas gays

Religious leader says vaccine will make people gay

Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Asor says the vaccine is part of a Bill Gates plan with Iluminates to turn all people into gays
Vancouver and Toronto area applicants sweep top prizes in youth award

Vancouver and Toronto area applicants sweep top prizes in youth award

This year there were a record 33 applicants from across Canada, the Philippines, and Morocco, and it’s really quite notable that all the top prizes went to applicants from the Vancouver and Toronto area
Ministro da Educação e Roberto Jefferson são processados por homofobia pela Justiça de SP

Minister of Education and Roberto Jefferson are sued for homophobia by the SP Justice...

The punitive administrative processes were published in the Official Gazette this Thursday, 04

Elisa Mascaro, the pioneer entrepreneur of the LGBT+ night in São Paulo

Between the 70s and 80s, Mascaro was at the head of three of the most prestigious clubs of the time:K-7, Medieval and Corintho

“Being a porn actor is very commonplace, especially on Twitter”, says Vitor Guedes

In an interview with journalist Elton Pacheco, from the Inside Porn column, Vitor Guedes talks about his career and challenges in being an escort and a porn actor

Suicide prevention is an urgent matter for erotic actors | Setembro Amarelo (Yellow September)

Many erotic movies actors committed suicide over the last few years. Understand the porn industry's influence over the victims' personal lives
Da militância ao fervo, Dona SCRUFF dispara: "Ninguém sai ileso aos meus conselhos"

From militancy to revelry, Dona SCRUFF shoots:”Nobody leaves my advice unscathed”.

Veteran drag queen Dona SCRUFF arrives with the promise of putting the whole mess in order - or messing up even more.
Attitude Magazine

Príncipe Harry vai à premiação gay e discursa: ‘minha mãe usou de sua posição...

Em premiação realizada pela regista gay Attitude, Príncipe Harry recebey um prêmio pelo legado deixado pela mãe pelo seu trabalho relacionado com HIV