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She does not reveal her age, but she is 49 years old and is single. With a height of 1.80m (when on 12cm heels), the attendant and virtual influencer recently hired at the company SCRUFF opened a space on the agenda to grant your first interview.

Veteran drag queen Dona SCRUFF arrives with the promise of putting order in the mess and does not see Lu (Magazine Luiza), Baianinho (Casas Bahia), Pinguim (Ponto Frio) and Nat Natura as threats to her reign: “This ‘Dona’ of my name is not there for nothing”.

dona scruff
Dona SCRUFF on the floor (before pandemic)

Why did you just appear on social media now?

I just appeared because I just appeared now, humf! Uh-huh?! We barely arrive and already take a call like that… Just kidding! I don’t want to perpetuate my (unjust) fame as a curmudgeon. I tell you that the idea of my public appearance was maturing to arrive like this: at the point! There were even rumors on some dubious gossip sites (which I love) that I took time because my negotiation with SCRUFF was, let’s say, “troubled” … I neither deny nor confirm… Speak badly, but speak of me always.

Do people come to you more to ask you for advice or to get a magic boy?

​Boys… If I tell you… They’ll come to me for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! But I think more to ask for advice… Because of magic boy, the SCRUFF app is already full, covered and grainy, right? A temptation… So spending the time talking to me to try to get crush ends up being kind of counterproductive, I think. So the people really come to have a small talk and pass the time, I use my voice of wisdom to put a little judgment on those little heads… And speaking of littlERROR.

And you most united or disunited couples?

I think it’s well balanced, you know? Nobody leaves my advice unscathed: if the boy is a scam, I already have that ass kicked. If the relationship got cold, I soon pour out a lot of very hot tips to get out of this antics. And if you are discouraged in love life, just look at me, that I’ll enchant you with love again, right? Hahahahaha! And it doesn’t even come with the one I THINK I AM, SO I AM, okay ?! You who find me! You can pick me up in the app now!

In addition to loving advice, on what other subjects do people seek you out?

Oh … most are really needy … (delete it or else my bosses fire me). So… There are people who want to say hi, say they loved my clothes and hair… There are people with sexual doubts or want to talk dirty, say they got the guy or the other guy, there are people who think I’m the technical support (I’m not), there are even people wanting to go out with me. But I am open to everything … Professionally, of course.

How can readers communicate or ask for help to you?

Easy, easy… Easy like me! Just go to the search field inside the app and search for Dona SCRUFF, and voilà! I can take a while to answer, I confess … But just because the volume is so big … OF MESSAGES, you perverts! But I always answer. You can calm down…

The real Dona!

Before the pandemic, every weekend you were at a new party or in a new place. How do you find out about these events?

I’m very updated, right? Do you want to know my secret? (mystery look)
My secret is SCRUFF EVENTOS! That has a very rich schedule of events in different cities all over the world – even confirmed users to flirt before. Of course, everything is now virtual and we do not disclose CLAN. But as soon as everything is fine we will return with EVERYTHING!

Party girl like you, what have you been doing in this period of social isolation?

Wow, it sucks, right? But patience, that’s what needs to be done… At the moment I throw myself in a virtual party, delayed readings, online courses, chats, nudity exchanges, virtual sex, masturbation… Anyway… WE FIGURE IT OUT! But this now! Because the bakery, kombucha, decoration, macramé, etc. stage has already taken place … You have to figure it out so you don’t freak out …

And what kind of music do you listen to at home?

In addition to all the wonderful singing drags friends, I hear a little bit of everything: I quietly wake up with Sometimes by Neyde and I’m going to sleep with Loka de Pinga from the beloved Kika Boom! HOT TIP: glue on SCRUFF’s Spotify that has great fairy lists! Soon I will dominate that channel with my good taste too!

– You are well connected in various places in the world and always hang out with the most interesting people in each city. What’s the secret?

Increasing age! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m laughing, but I’m worried! As I’ve been around in the world for a long time, it’s normal to be well experient, I mean, well connected… Jokes aside, let me tell you the secret: as I’m a virtual persona, from time to time living inside the SCRUFF app, I started using SCRUFF Venture, you know?! Man, is it wonderful! You can travel and get to know the place even before you are there! Almost like a tour guide (from the valley! Rs) and in more than 500 destinations! Just think?! First you can already go chatting with guys from your destination city and let them tuned of your existence, already take the opportunity to ask for warm information and valuable tips on what to do in the city! Then just publish your schedule on your profile, and the handsome of the city where you will go will already know that you will be there soon. How cool is that? And if traveling is not in your plans (or in your budget) you can be a SCRUFF Ambassador and help members who are visiting your city! A L-U-X-U-R-Y!

Dona SCRUFF in Paris (also before pandemic)

What is the best and worst flirt, in your opinion?

Ah, undoubtedly the best ones in my opinion are those in a good mood, very clumsy and almost non-sense, don’t you think?! My way hahaha… It might even be a bad joke a lá “knock, knock, who is it” that is worth it! Better than the usual sameness … Uh-hun?! And the worst ones OBVIOUSLY are the ones that are disrespectful, frankly! Go away. At this point, in the middle of 2021, arrive with that bullshit? Pisses me off and I lose all composure… With reason, right?! Everything has a limit… Trash boo and trash talk: stay in the trash!

Is zodiac signs something we should pay attention to to have more affinity?

I don’t know much about the zodiac, but they work, they work! It’s more information for flirting, right? I believe more in technology, like SCRUFF MATCH, who learns more and more with their tastes in the app and offers profiles that may have an affinity with you. My problem is that I think it’s a video game and then I’m in a fury of “yes no yes yes yes no yes yes no yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes” and I find more suitors than I need.

Can tops leave bottoms in the rain on the street?

Although this generates great stories and memes… (laughs) No one should leave others on the street or set false dates. Let’s respect each other, right? And more, why leave it in the rain if they can be inside? The more the better… They say right? Not that I like these things (call me). But settle down and wait for the pandemic to calm down! FOR THE LOVE OF SAINT CHEER (or for the love of Suzana Vieira HA HA HA).

How to turn down someone politely?

They say to always be sincere, right?… But sincerity doesn’t work if you don’t have advanced communication techniques (I learned in the training course at the firm). It is called sandwich technique on gentle kick off. Take notes:

  • Speaking well about the relationship or something special about the person, example:“(Name of being), I wanted to talk to you… Well, you are such a nice person, we enjoyed the (favorite pop diva) special so much together, these weeks are fun, but…
  • Speaking one or two reasons why not it is working, sincere, talking about his own experience, but without destroying the person, right? “Look, I’ve been feeling other things, I like you but I don’t think it’s the moment, etc…”. And you’re not going to tell me that you want time alone and show up next weekend with someone else. Hey…. I’m watching!
  • Listen to everything the person has to say and try not to make a hut by answering;
  • Repeat that you like the person, but it is your decision and you hope that she respect it.
  • SUMMARIZING the Sandwich: Affection on top, shit and more shit in the middle and affection on the bottom. Got it?!

At what age can a guy be called a daddy?

Paying for me, you can be 21 years old and I already call you big daddy. But separating SUGAR from DADDY (moving hands), age is something that the Sumerians invented (search on google). It’s worth the head AND the gray hair. Love it.

What is your opinion about PrEP?

Wonderful, it’s great. Any scientifically approved project that helps prevent disease is beautiful! But back to our main focus of the question:PrEP, PEP, condoms, treatment for people living with HIV. Combined prevention, right? Very important! We always need to talk about it. Information is fucking important.

And what will be the first thing you will do after the pandemic?

Have a cup of tea with my drags friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. KIDDING! No… TRUE! But then I throw everything in the nightclubs and find SCRUFF’s accumulated crushes! And a thousand things … Missing people, right? I’ll stay on the Sé subway hugging everyone who passes by. In fact, you are single, Mr. journalist 😏?

Dona SCRUFF always proud

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