"Só estamos vivos porque não fizemos Jesus gay e preto..." diz Porta dos Fundos um ano após filme polêmico

“We are only alive because we did not make Jesus gay and black”, says...

"I'm sure we are alive because Jesus was just gay ... If he were gay and black, it would be six bombs. If he were a woman, then ..." - said Fábio Porchat.
Ainda não está claro se a bissexualidade de Peter Quill será transportada para o cinema. Nas produções audiovisuais, o personagem é interpretado por Chris Pratt, frequentemente envolvido em polêmicas

Marvel reveals that Avengers character played by Chris Pratt is bisexual

There is still no official position that Peter Quill's bisexuality will be represented in theaters. In audiovisual productions, the character is played by Chris Pratt, often involved in controversies with the LGBT community

Fox almost censored The Simpsons episode for gay content

"The whole subject and content of this episode is unacceptable to air", said an internal Fox statement

Spice girl reveals that terrorist planned to kill her in prizes for being friends...

The brave Geri Halliwell continued to perform in a memorable way at the Earls Court Exhibition Center, singing "Bag It Up"

Listen to “Matches”, a partnership of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys that just released

"Matches" comes as part of a deluxe reissue of Britney's 2016 album, "Glory"
Daniel Peixoto lança releitura de "Freed From Desire", de Gala

Daniel Peixoto releases a re-recording of “Freed From Desire”, by Gala

"I decided to re-record this track after reading an interview given by Gala to Gay Blog Br, in which she described the pains and joys of being an artist", says Daniel Peixoto
RuPaul´s Drag Race terá homem trans em nova temporada; confira lista de participantes

RuPaul’s Drag Race will have a trans man in a new season; check list...

The new season should premiere on January 1

11 years ago, Octavia St. Laurent, the star of “Paris is Burning”, left us

A central figure in the award-winning documentary, the trans activist lived with HIV and served as an educator for issues surrounding the epidemic

Sean Connery’s role in the film will be a lesbian and black woman on...

"Finding Forrester", directed by Gus Van Sant, tells the story of a teenager who befriends a writer played by Sean Connery

Was Chopin gay? Journalist examines the composer’s sexuality revealed in letters to men

Historians who have studied Chopin have obscured or at least ignored the fact that he was probably a homosexual

List of the 25 greatest actors of the century does not include any LGBT...

Film critics from The New York Times, however, included many actors who played LGBTQ+ characters in their careers
Festival MixBrasil anuncia filmes premiados da 28ª edição (2020)

MixBrasil Festival announces award-winning films from the 28th edition (2020)

"Valentina", by Cássio Pereira Dos Santos, took four awards
Mãe sequestra cachorro da ex-nora para tentar desfazer divórcio do filho gay; assista ao curta israelense "No Homo"

Mother kidnaps ex-daughter-in-law’s dog to try to undo divorce from gay son; watch “No...

The short film, under the title "No Homo", is available online and free of charge until this Sunday, November 22, on the digital platform of the Festival MixBrazil.
Ambientado no Japão de 1944,  "Voltando para Casa" fica disponível no streaming até dia 22

Set in Japan in 1944, “Coming Home” is available on streaming until the 22nd

Available for free on streaming, the plot in Fukuoka, Japan, during the war period

Negritude, Activism and Diversity – Batekoo, the party that exalts the black LGBT+ community...

Batekoo is the party that shakes the country, a democratic space that praises the ethnicity and diversity of bodies and sexual orientations

With “Dashing in december”, gay Christmas film season wins another title

The film follows Wyatt, a guy who returns to his rural town for the holidays and meets Heath, a boy with a heart of gold
Documentário que denuncia perseguição de gays na Chechênia ganha trailer

Documentary denouncing persecution of gays in Chechnya gets trailer

The documentary brings up a humanitarian crisis against LGBTQIA+ underway in the Russian republic of Chechnya.
Britney Spears não vai se apresentar enquanto sua tutela estiver com seu pai

Britney Spears will not perform while her guardianship is with her father

"My client informed me that she is afraid of her father. She will not perform again while her father is in charge of her career," said Britney's lawyer Sam Ingham.

“Gossip Girl” resurfaces more gay in new version of HBO Max

Upper East Side residents will be back in 2021 with more diversity, says the producer of the "Gossip Girl" reboot
Plataforma de streaming do Sesc hospedará 24 títulos do Festival Mix Brasil; confira destaques

Sesc’s streaming platform will host 24 Mix Brazil Festival titles; check highlights

The week brings the premiere of the 28th Festival Mix Brazil on the Sesc streaming platform, with free screening of 24 films, including features and short films.
Wentworth Miller, de Prison Break, sai da série: "Cansei de interpretar héteros"

Wentworth Miller, from Prison Break, leaves the show: “I just don’t want to play...

The actor Wentworth Miller said on Instagram that he will no longer be part of the "Prison Break" cast because he is tired of...
bemti daniel ribeiro

Daniel Ribeiro directs Bemti’s new work; clip was shown at the NYC Museum of...

The purpose of the video is to dive deeply into the universe of lyrics about building expectations, bonds and ruptures that come with the use of relationship apps.

Film “I wasn’t born to be discreet” is nominated for best foreign short film

He is competing in the Mejor Película Cotometraje Extranjera category at the Queer Internacional Film Festival

Producer gives up Brazilian version of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Political polarization, which affects LGBT people, would have weighed in the decision, since TV stations did not embrace the RuPaul's Drag Race

Singer says industry tried to hide his homosexuality and banned “very gay” clothes

Italian singer Tiziano Ferro revealed in the documentary about his life that the music industry saw his sexual orientation as a "setback"
Nova 007 será uma mulher, negra e lésbica: "Vamos nos afastando da masculinidade tóxica"

The next 007 will be a lesbian black woman: “We’re moving away from toxic...

It is the first time that 007 will not be a cis straight man.

Netflix announces cast for the Brazilian version of Queer Eye

Queer Eye Brazil is set to premiere next year on the streaming service; Meet the national Fab Five
"Kit Gay" e "Mamadeira de p1r0ca" são temas de nova música do Detonautas

“Gay Kit” and “c0ck baby bottle” are themes of new music by Detonautas

"I am a follower of Olavão / I am the captain's guardian"

Dirty secrets of the English elite will be on Bridgerton, from Netflix

Judging by the hot gay sex scene in the trailer, Bridgerton, due to open on December 25, will have a place reserved for queer plots

Scottish star comes out at 94: “I never wanted to be gay”

In biography, written over 20 years by a journalist, Scottish star Stanley Baxter talks about his complicated marriage to a woman