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Every year we follow the same discussion, in which a good part of gay people claim that they won’t go to Rio’s Diversity Parade because “it has become a mess”, “it’s always the same dirty stuff”, etc. And we, woke people, keep trying to convince who thinks in such a way that the Parade is indeed relevant, since a good part of the people who attend it is fighting for visibility through it.

On this Sunday, as it happens only once a year, we will have in Copacabana, from the buff barbies and transsexuals (who are in their fight for real visibility and rights) up to the oldest generation, that started in the 60’s, with the Ok crew from downtown. In addition to that, there is also the public power, the Non-Governmental Organizations, the Mothers for Diversity (formed by a group of moms proud of their gay children) and even the samba school Mangueira (no pun intended), which has social projects in which students have classes about citizenship and respect to sexual and religious diversity.

Is it hard to understand that, within this huge spectrum of differences that we are, a gay kiss, in public, has a tremendous power as a political act? For us, who grew up and evolved as men and women inside a hidden and restrict space most of the time, to go out and kiss someone you love (or even someone you met the same day, no judgement!) is a beautiful cry of freedom and visibility.

Incidentally, I dare say: if the Brazilian law would allow, I believe that even sex on the streets (meeting some parameters, of course, such as days, time and places) would be a similar act, a force against the political and moral oppression over our bodies, sexualities, sexual orientation and freedom itself.

The internal fight between many gay groups about subjects like the Parade’s importance shows how sexism, shame and guilt are still ingrained in us (besides the matter of some people’s ego overtaking the Parade’s real necessities, but I won’t go into this in too much detail because this article is already controversial enough as it is).

If, on one hand, we ask for more visibility and rights, on the other hand, “some would prefer” that this was made, for example, while transsexuals are wearing bras (the same which, when burned down, were a symbol of the feminine rebellion against sexism), with gays that wouldn’t drink too much or that would “behave”.

A “behaved” gay person is a fantastic idea. I keep wondering who could regulate this, what intensity of the kiss would be allowed in public or up to what point the manifestation of sexuality could happen in certain spaces.

I remember Paulo Freire’s words, an icon that, to those who don’t know him, is as important to the Brazilian education as Madonna is to music. He declared that “when education is not liberating, the dream of the oppressed is to become the oppressor”. The psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan suggested, in his words, that the only thing we must not give up, that we must not cede, is to follow our desire.

Let’s go to Rio’s DIVERSITY Parade to fight together the oppression against homosexuals, transsexuals, lesbians, bisexuals; any form of oppression against sexuality and freedom! Let’s go sort this mess out and fight for what is really important.

And if there are still laws that interfere with our sexuality and our experiences with it, shall we remember that they are a product of the collective and of culture; and that they can and must be changed. In Berlin, in Germany, and in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, for example, there are squares in which collective sex is a common experience (accepted according to certain times and places).

And here we are, wasting our precious time still complaining about what happens under the flag or at dawn in the beach.

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