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A gay couple from Itapetininga, 158 km from São Paulo, won in court the final custody of five brothers from Sumidouro, in Rio de Janeiro. Leandro and Miguel have been taking care of the children – three boys and two girls – for two years. The two adopted the brothers after waiting for 3 years in line.

Gay couple from Itapetininga, interior of SP, wins in court the right to adopt five brothers
Gay couple from Itapetininga have taken care of the children for two years


The largest child is 10 years old and the smallest, 4. The brothers were in a shelter because their parents were unable to raise them and since they arrived at the new home they receive psychological assistance.

The children’s biological parents attended the hearing, but did not want to claim custody. From now on, the brothers will even sign the surname of the adoptive parents of Itapetininga.

Famous carnival of Itapetininga

Itapetininga hit the web after an interview by SBT by the citizen Ione Lao, during the city’s street carnival. Watch the video that went viral:


This article is also available in: Português Español

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