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Bolsonaro diz acreditar que vacina contra covid causa AIDS

Bolsonaro says he believes in fake news that vaccinated people developed AIDS

Previously, Bolsonaro had said that Pfizer's vaccine could "turn you a alligator", "grow a beard in a woman" or "make men speak thin"
Morre Ygona Moura em decorrência do Covid-19

Ygona Moura dies of complications from Covid-19

She entered the Twitter trending topics when she was hospitalized with covid-19 after she neglected the disease and went to crowded parties
Pabllo Vittar faz campanha para Lula durante show no Lollapalooza e grita "Fora, Bolsonaro"

Pabllo Vittar raises a flag with a photo of Lula and leads the chorus...

The singer also made an "L" with her hand at other moments of the show to make reference to the pre-candidate for the presidency
Bispos denunciam Bolsonaro na ONU e OMS: "Negacionista e indiferente à dor"

Bishops denounce Bolsonaro at the UN and WHO: “Negative and indifferent to pain”

They also endorse more than 60 impeachment requests
Líder religioso diz que vacina tornará as pessoas gays

Religious leader says vaccine will make people gay

Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Asor says the vaccine is part of a Bill Gates plan with Iluminates to turn all people into gays
Pastor  bolsonarista é intimado por dizer que Coronavac tem HIV dentro

Bolsonarist pastor is summoned for saying that Coronavac has HIV inside

Prosecutor Ricardo Sant´Anna demands that the pastor present in 15 days "his technical, scientific, sanitary or medical skills" that can "accredit him as a qualified specialist to issue an analysis on the topic he addresses".
"Kit Gay" e "Mamadeira de p1r0ca" são temas de nova música do Detonautas

“Gay Kit” and “c0ck baby bottle” are themes of new music by Detonautas

"I am a follower of Olavão / I am the captain's guardian"
Smart Fit perde quase 200 mil alunos em 90 dias

Smart Fit loses almost 200 thousand students in 90 days

The numbers also include the other brands of the group, such as Bio Ritmo and 02
Ícone do app SCRUFF chama atenção em print de Janaina Paschoal jantando C4rl4 Z4mbell1

SCRUFF app icon draws attention on Brazilian deputy Janaina Paschoal print having dinner C4rl4...

"And Janaína do Rivotril, who even has a profile in Scruff, huh, my people? 2020 proving that nothing is impossible anymore", wrote the tweeter @entidadewolf
Fernando Collor nega romance com Pierre Cardin

Fernando Collor denies romance with Pierre Cardin

To the invitation of movie director Cacá Diegues, Pierre Cardin came to Brazil in the 70's to participate in the shootings of "Joana, the French"

“People have been killing me since the 80s because I embraced the HIV cause”,...

Lorna Washington, veteran cross-dresser icon of the gay night in Rio, talks about activism, gay night, the peak of HIV in Brazil and the politically correct
"O processo vai continuar, tudo bem, eu já fui absolvido de todos os processos fora de Curitiba, mas nós vamos continuar brigando para que o Moro seja considerado suspeito, porque ele não tem o direito de se transformar no maior mentiroso da história do Brasil e ser considerado herói por aqueles que queriam me culpar. Deus de barro não dura muito tempo."

It is false that Pabllo Vittar will be vice president of Lula in 2022

2018 fake news has been circulating since Lula became eligible on March 8

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"Se personagens LGBT+ te deixam desconfortável, pare de nos seguir", diz direção de The Walking Dead

“If LGBT+ characters make you uncomfortable, stop following us,” says director of The Walking...

The post was a response to criticism directed at the series spin-off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which features a gay couple
"Os Últimos Românticos" (2020)

9 LGBT+ movies are included in the MixBrasil Festival streaming for free.

With completely free access for the public, the platform has already accumulated over one hundred films

Rohmanelli, the singer who questions sexual, romantic, political and religious standards through music

The Italian artist, settled in Brazil, reinvented himself with the release of the single "Macho Discreto" and its video

Hero Next Door | Orkut Buyukkokten

Orkut, our social media hero, reflects on the episode of the Tinder blockade in Porto Alegre and the sad feeling of being misunderstood

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