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After promoting his first single, the actor and singer Bruno Gadiol released his first EP,“relacionamento a b e r t o”, via Head Media/Universal Music. The title track brings an overwhelming passion and builds a new identity in the musical context, characterized by a reflexive and melancholic pop. The brand new track “Bem Maluco” was in the spotlight among the fans and curators. Bruno, by the way, is in the cover of “Lacradorxs”, a Spotify playlist focused on LGBT+ artists.

The song “relacionamento a b e r t o” has been the biggest success of this singer and it mantains the position of a bet in the pop scenario. The video, released a month ago, has more than 700.000 views.

“I fell for a guy that was dating and had an opening relationship”, says Bruno about the inspiration for the song. “In the beginning I didn’t know, so I fell completely Until finding out and thinking whether I should be there or not.

From a reality show to reality itself

Actor and singer, Bruno Gadiol started her carrier early by taking part in a Rede Globo reality show, in 2013, when he was 15, being one of the winners. In 2016, he became famous in Brazil because of his participation in The Voice, also from Rede Globo.

As an actor, he has the 25th season of “Malhação: Viva a diferença” in his curriculum, in which he played Guto. A success according to critics, the season was the most popular one in the last 10 years. Bruno released the song “Me amo” in 2018, and it is considered a “liberty anthem” by him. In 2019, he made a deal with Head Music/Universal Music.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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