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The Secretary of Justice and Citizenship, Fernando José da Costa, along with his wife Cristiane da Costa, participated this Sunday (19) in the 26th LGBT+ Pride Parade and passed through the float of the Association of the LGBT Pride Parade SP (APOLGBTSP) and the nucleus of the United Kingdom at the event, formed by teams from UK Embassy, ​​British Council and Visit Britain.

Cristina Becker, British Council Brazil arts director, welcomes Fernando José da Costa Cristiane da Costa - Photo: Vinícius Yamada
Cristina Becker, British Council Brazil arts director, welcomes Fernando José da Costa Cristiane da Costa – Photo: Vinícius Yamada

The Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship (SJC), through the Coordination of Policies for Sexual Diversity (CPDS), has as one of the fronts of action to receive and forward complaints of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, based on the State Law 10,948/01, a pioneer in the country. The CPDS is very active in the fight against LGBTphobia and in educational actions against intolerance.

“In São Paulo, we defend human rights and diversity. Twenty-one years ago, the State pioneered the creation of the law that administratively punishes cases of LGBTphobia. We do not tolerate intolerance, discrimination and prejudice. who wants”, highlights the secretary Fernando José da Costa.

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APOLGBTSP Trio’s view – Disclosure

“The LGBT+ Parade is the largest gathering of diversity in the world. The State Government, through its secretariats, supports the community and the event, which brings millions of people to São Paulo, generating jobs, income and hope”, emphasizes Vinicius Lummertz, Secretary of Tourism and Travel of the State of São Paulo.

The CPDS – and other areas of the Secretariat – had already participated on Thursday, June 16, in the 22nd LGBT+ Diversity Cultural Fair, in Largo do Arouche. At the stand, set up with the aim of publicizing the government’s actions on the theme of diversity, wristbands and stickers were distributed. There was also the delivery of booklets and materials on Law No. 10,948.


Complaints are received by the SJC Ombudsman and can be made by the citizen on the website or by telephone: (11) 3291-2621 / 3291-2624.

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