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Homosexual Parents | Eliseu Neto

The psychoanalyst Eliseu Neto analyzes that gay parents don't influence the child's future sexual orientation

Coming out of the closet | Eliseu Neto

"Nowadays, I feel a certain courage in the young people, the same courage we all had to grow during many years to come out of the closet in another decade", the columnist analyzes.

I was, indeed, a victim of homophobia | Eliseu Neto

Among the memories brought up by Children's Day, Eliseu Neto remembers that homophobia can happen even before a gay person exists

The sexism and segregation that plague the LGBT community | Eliseu Neto

"There are no convinced sexists, since, deep down, sexism is a lack of conviction". The columnist Eliseu Neto approaches the social construction of stereotypes.

How does a teacher explain that a boy can wear a bra? | Eliseu...

"There is no textbook, "gay kit", teacher or a standalone experience that turns someone gay or straight", the columnist Eliseu Neto says

Male tops, bottoms, promiscuity and the fear of loving | Eliseu Neto

In his debut column, the psychoanalyst, educational psychologist, college professor and UNESCO's consultant Eliseu Neto presents a sober analysis of promiscuity and the fear of loving

To kiss in public (which is what we are able to do within the...

The psychoanalyst Eliseu Neto addresses the disagreement of ideas within the LGBT+ community itself and the importance of exercising the right to kiss in public

Collective candidacies to city councils attract LGBTQ+ candidates

In the year that LGBTQ+ candidacies set records, collective mandates are also an alternative to conquer space in politics

Voting closed for ~POC AWARDS 2020~

Traditionally with 24 categories, the winners of the POC AWARDS 2020 trophy will be announced on December 24.
Hashtag #PocAwards fica em 1º lugar no Twitter; premiação acontece esta semana

Hashtag #PocAwards takes 1st place on Twitter; awards takes place this week

With 24 categories mixing activism and humor, the award chooses the best LGBT+ in music, politics, health, entrepreneurship and personalities

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