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This year’s elections have already gone down in history due to the increase in candidacies from LGBTQ+ people. According to a survey by the National Association of Transsexuals and Transvestites (ANTRA), there are 285 in 25 states in the country. In addition to launching into politics in individual candidacies, LGBTQ+ are also adhering to collective mandates.

This way of doing politics is not new and is growing every year. Collective mandates are groups of people who come together to compete for a cause or because they have affinities. Although everyone participates in the campaign and appears in advertising, only one candidate is official. That is how the electoral law determines, which does not provide for the collective model.

An example is the psychoanalyst and activist for the rights of LGBTQ+ Eliseu Neto, who has been articulating in politics with projects for the criminalization of homotransfbia and is one of the nine cocandidates of Bancada do Livro, a collective that competes for a place in the Rio de Janeiro City Council. The name of one of them – the official candidate – is Vanessa of the Book Bench.

Eliseu Neto (in green, in the center) is an activist and co-candidate in Rio (Photo: reproduction)
Photo: reproduction

According to the collective’s website, they intend to“face the growing obscurantism that showed its most aggressive face at the Book Biennial, when the mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro tried to censor a book with content that he deemed inappropriate”.

The case of the censored book reverberated throughout the country. The mayor and evangelical pastor Marcelo Crivella gave orders for inspectors to collect a publication for the young audience with a kiss between two characters on the cover. The society reacted to the mayor and the kiss ended on the front page of Folha de S. Paulo.

Beth Caline, co-candidate in Goiânia / Instagram

Trans in collective

In Goiás, at least 30 candidates are openly gay, according to a survey by the Goiano Institute of Citizenship and Human Rights (IGCDH). In the capital, Goiânia, Beth Caline, a 23-year-old trans woman, competes in the collective “Now it’s up to them! Together and mixed ”.

In Goiana politics, there are no names that represent the LGBT population in their basic demands, Beth Caline told the newspaper Opção, about the motivation to run.

The hairdresser competes for a place in the chamber alongside social scientist Cíntia Dias, 43, university professor Cristiane Lemos, 47, and pedagogue Valéria da Congada, 49.

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