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The Poc Awards, promoted annually by GAY BLOG BR, were among the most talked about subjects on social networks, especially Twitter, where the hashtag #PocAwads was in first place in the Trending Topics for more than five hours.

With 24 categories mixing activism and humor, the award elects the best in music, politics, health, entrepreneurship and personalities by popular vote. The result of the Poc Awards will be released on the 24th and voting can be done through the link



1) SPEAKER: Vale’s Public Relations trophy is from: Alberto Pereira, Rita Von Hunty, Thiago Amparo. / 2) POC OF THE YEAR: The nominees in this category made the outing in 2020: actor and singer Bruno Gadiol, broadcaster and former Colírio Eric Surita, actor Igor Cosso, filmmaker João Cortês, rapper Konai and singer Patrícia Marx. / 3) ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Anitta, Gloria Groove, Jaloo, Jão, Johnny Hooker, Jup do Bairro, Liniker, Linn da Quebrada, Ludmilla, Pabllo Vittar, Pepita, Preta Gil, Romero Ferro, Silva, Urias. / 4) LIVE OF THE YEAR: Ana Carolina, Angela Ro Ro, Daniela Mercury, Lulu Santos, Maria Gadu, Marina Lima, Mart’nália, Ney Matogrosso, Sandra de Sá. / 5) WHAT A HYMN: “Boto Fé” – Bia Ferreira, “Céu Jeitinho” – Renan Cavolik, “Chama o Spike” – Pablo Morais, “Deixa Fluir” – Tchelo, “João Ninguém” – Mateus Ribeiro, “Madame Satã”– Chico Flores, “Monstro” – Marina Mathey, “Postal de Amor” – Daniel Peixoto e Filipe Catto, “Rainha da Balbúrdia”– Daniela Mercury, “Relacionamento aberto” – Bruno Gadiol, “Só”– Adriana Calcanhotto, “Você Vem?” – Szel; / 6) BRAZILIAN POC MUSICIAN: The nominees in this category performed at the Festival of Brazilian Poc Musicians in May Bemti, Beni Falcone, Cais, Dan Stump, Daniel Peixoto, Gabeu, Gaê, Gê de Lima, Rafa Vieira, Renato Enoch, Rodrigo Massa, Yhago Sebaz. / 7) GAY’S ANATOMY: LGBT+ health was saved this year byArthur Benozzati, Bruno Branquinho, Doutor Maravilha, Fred Nicário, Rico Vasconcelos, Vini Lacerda. / 8) THE PEAK: Lives war between gay porn producers, Luciano Amaral comes out straight, Michê patiently responds to a gay man who wanted to do it for free. / 9) ALLIES: Made the world get better Lawyer teaches to cancel contract with Smart Fit, Mother paints home with the colors of the LGBT+ flag, Xuxa Contra Baixo-Astral. / 10) INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR: The world needs more people like Federico DeVito posting cookie in quarantine, Neimar Kiga empowering the diversity of native peoples, and Priest Júlio Lancellotti asking for forgiveness for Christian LGBTphobia / 11) THE BOSH OF THE YEAR: Alexandre Frota making fun of the 04 “Condominium´s womanizer”, Indecline collective playing ball with the head of Jair B, Hugo Bonemer taking the BBB Prior with nude promise. / 12) THEY WHO FIGHT: Institutions that did something for LGBTs in 2020: ISAC of Salvador encourages transsexuals for prostate exams, SP signs law to fine LGBTphobic establishments, Sisu reserves 142 vacancies for transgender people. / 13) INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR: Felipe Neto doing free publicity after transphobia, João Gordo preparing lunch for trans women in an NGO, Milton Leite giving free jiu-jitsu classes for trans. / 14) NON TOXIC STRAIGHT OF THE YEAR: Francisco Albuquerque, Model Mason, Marcelo Bechler; who went viral when interviewing Piqué; Rômulo Estrela and her son playing with a doll. / 15) BIG DAY: CNN Brazil dismisses Leandro Narloch after LGBTfobic speech, Son 04 of Jair B. is banned from social network after homophobia, Jair loses lawsuit to a priest who called him homophobic, Latam expels homophobic passenger who offended a commissioner. / 16) UNICORN: The financial market has appropriated the word “Unicorn” to refer to a startup that has a market valuation of more than 1 billion dollars. Loves, are the pocs that decide what Unicorn is. Creativity when it comes to profit is art. This is the category equivalent to “Small companies, big businesses”. What is the CNPJ of the year? O pão que o Viado Amassou, Sport Club Maragatos creates calendars to raise funds, Tunnel opens on Saturdays to serve feijoada. / 17) HAS PLACE: The space that empowered militancy: Casa Natura Musical, Diversity Culture Center, Diversity Museum. / 18) FRIENDLY PLATFORM: The social network that most makes the ban stand against hate speech: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube. / 19) ICON: You can’t go without following the profile of: Casal Vidinhas, Israel Cassol, Luiz “Cadê Meu Green” Lima, Rodrigo Pereira, Vittor Fernando, Yarley. / 20) TAKE MY MONEY: The brand that made the best activation for diversity was: Absolut, Avon, Climatempo, Natura, Netflix, Skol, Skyy Vodka, Starbucks, Suzano, Uber. / 21) PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR – Did a great interview on GAY BLOG BR this year: Alexandre Mortagua, Álvaro Leme, Ângela Ro Ro, Cacau Oliver, Chico Felitti, Cristiano Carnevale, Fefito, Gustavo Wabner, Hugo Bonemer, Kaká di Polly, Kasino, Leão Lobo, Leo Dias, Luís Miranda, Maikon Balbino, Márcia Pantera, Markinhos Moura, Maurício Branco, Max Fivelinha, Nany People, Nico Puig, Patrícia Marx, Renato Viterbo, Silvetty Montilla, Cássio Scapin, Leonardo Miggiorin, Silvero Pereira. / 22) HOMOSEXUAL VIRTUAL SOCIAL SHAKERS: BCharts, Igreja Universsauria, Luan Poffo, Melted Videos, Pandlr, Saquinho de Lixo, Sou Um Gabriel, Vale dos Homossexuais and Wallace Safra. / 23) MILITANT OF THE YEAR: The most committed to irritating Jair, the militant who never rests: David Miranda, Duda Salabert, Eliseu Neto, Erica Malunguinho, Erika Hilton, Fabiano Gurgel, Fábio Felix, Monica Benício, Pedro Melo, Tiago Pavinatto, Todd Tomorrow, William de Lucca. / 24) SCRUFF – HOT GUY DO ANO: The nominees are: Antonio Filho to Btchs, Augusto Imanishi Bonavita to Cactos Magazine, Bernardo de Assis, Carlos Lander to Btchs, Filipe Robbe to Cactos Magazine, Ginê Lopes to Mustang, Gui Exodia to Btchs, Iran Giusti to Chicos, Jeff Tank to Dyo Magazine, João Lima to Btchs, Julio Cesar to Mustang, Luca Scarpelli / Transdiary, Pedro Paulo Castilho to Btchs, Richard Nunes to Cactos Magazine, Rodrigo Zamith to 48 hours, Roger Monte to Dyo Magazine, Thammy Miranda, Vini Trindade to Btchs.


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