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At the end of 2020, the GAY BLOG BR team revisited the most read articles of the year and gathered them into categories so that readers could elect, through voting, the deserving of the POC AWARDS trophy. 2,478 articles were written that had 9,605,875 hits.

Some of the most accessed articles had the Father Júlio Lancellotti as protagonist, as: Priest asks LGBTs pardon: “Nobody can think that homophobia comes from God, LGBT phobia is a crime”, Bolsonaro loses lawsuit to a priest who criticized him for homophobic positions and 70 more personalities sign Bolsonaro’s impeachment request. For this reason, Lancellotti was nominated POC AWARDS 2020.

Along with names like Federico Devito and Neimar Kiga, Father Júlio Lancelotti was elected in the “Influencer of the Year” category with 63% of the popular vote.

Padre Julio Lancellotti com o troféu Poc Awards - Foto: Henrique de Campos
Padre Julio Lancellotti com o troféu Poc Awards – Foto: Henrique de Campos

On January 31, at Mass “4th Sunday in Ordinary Time”, Father Júlio took a few minutes to talk about his award: “And I would also like to thank the GAY BLOG BR who gave me this gift, this 2020 influencer award for the popular vote. It is a site aimed at the gay public that sent me this gift. I will fight against homophobia, against transphobia, against all prejudice and against all discrimination. All the people, men and women of the LGBTQIA+ group are our brothers and sisters. They are worthy of respect and consideration. So, with pride and joy I show you what they sent me, this beautiful ‘Influencer of the Year 2020’ trophy for popular vote. I thank you very much and I ask God that we build a society free of all prejudice, of all discrimination. Homophobia never again. Transphobia never again. May everyone be respected and that gender identity is respected, welcomed and protected. Without cruelty, without this structural violence … machismo, misogyny and homophobia, which also destroys, kills and injures “.

The priest continued and also cited the recent transphobic attacks on Erika Hilton, Carolina Iara and Samara Sosthenes: “I would also like to send my affection to the councilwoman and the covereadas who have been persecuted here in the Municipality of São Paulo. We are united with you. Resist, have courage. You are in an important place to defend the poor, the weak, the black, the homeless, the periphery, the people who are discriminated against “.

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